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Baoji JiaCheng Petroleum Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. (former name is Baoji Petroleum Chemical Machinery Manufacturer) was founded in 1986. it is a joint stock company that mainly manufactures and sells petroleum drilling & production equipment and mating parts at the same time engages in the research, development and manufacturing of Non-excavating horizontal direction cross-over drilling rig. With more than 10 years design and manufacture experience of drilling rig, company can produce the drilling rig mating parts, drilling rig interchangeable parts, mud pump and its mating parts.
We can produce various oil rigs with 1000m to 7000m drilling depth, which can meet drilling demand of the straight shaft, cluster shaft and inclined shaft. At the same time, the drill rig with various transmission forms can be provided, such as direct-current drive (DC), AC frequency conversion electric drive (AC), diesel drive, gear drive, chain drive, hydrodynamic drive, belt gear and more.
The direct-current drive drill rig takes the diesel generating set as the power and adopts the advanced AC-SCR-DC electric transmission technique to realize stepless speed regulation of winch, turntable and mud pump to obtain favorable drilling performance with convenient and reliable control, which can adequately meet demand of the drilling technology. The drill rig adopts closed inner variable speed winch. Main brake of the winch adopts hydraulic disc brake and the assist brake adopts the eddy-current brake. The turntable is driven by the force being taken from the winch by the integral turntable driving box through the cardan shaft or is driven by the independent DC motor with level rig floor and open visual field. The rig substructure adopts two rhomboidal pedestals of foreground and background, which can realize low level installation of the rig floor equipment and the drill tower. It shall be lifted to the right position by the winch power and the drill tower adopts the open front type. The disk brake control, pneumatic control operation, electric drive control and touch screen, drilling parameter demonstrator, hydraulic control system, top drive control box (the installation position is reserved), automatic bit feed, position control touch screen of traveling block, video system and more are arranged in the driller's control booth to form the integral and intelligent driller's control cabinet. The pneumatic control, hydraulic control, electric drive, drilling parameter, automatic bit feed and other information are processed intensively through PLC on the driller's control cabinet by the driller to realize control and display of the electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and drilling parameter.
There are more than 150,000 m2 development and manufacture base in existence and with processing workshop, rivet welding shop, assembly shop, test and assembly platform, technical department, production department, sales department, quality inspection department, after-sale service department, supply department and more; in order to guarantee inherent quality of each drill rig, each drill rig produced by our corporation is subject to assembling matching and performance test within the test shaft field.
We have more than 200 main production equipments, including the large-scale vertical lathe, horizontal lathe, boring machine, radial drilling machine, hobbing machine, curved tooth cutting machine, milling machine, heat-treating facility and more. We not only possess the perfect machining equipment, but also the abundant drill rig design and manufacture experience. The field drilling experience accumulated in decades can comprehensively optimize various design technologies to maximally meet the requirement of the user. We provide the product with high and new technology and high-grade service for users both at home and abroad. We guarantee stable product quality depending on the perfect process flow, employees with exquisite technique and responsible quality inspection personnel; relying on the perfect after-sale service system, stable product quality and excellent user record, our products are not only sold to various large-scale oil field in China, even far sold to abroad marketreceive recognition from users.
We strictly execute the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification criteria and the API certificate criteria issued by the American Petroleum Institute in the overall process of design and production. We pay more attention to quality of the product, focus on user's satisfaction all along, and take the market as the guide, the new technique as the support and the consummate manufacture level as the foundation to occupy certain share in the world oil drilling equipment.

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